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Cataracts are one of the most prevalent eye diseases worldwide and will affect most people in their later years. While cataracts can lead to blindness, cataract surgery can successfully restore clear vision and can even improve eyesight with intraocular lens implants that correct common vision problems. At Davis Eye Clinic in Tuscaloosa, our board-certified ophthalmologist offers cataract surgery and premium IOLs to give you excellent eyesight.

What is a Cataract? 

One of the many components of the eye’s anatomy is the natural lens that sits behind the iris or pigmented center. The human lens is clear, but natural aging causes the proteins inside to break down and clump together, forming a cloudy appearance and affecting vision. Cataracts may take many years to progress, and symptoms include: 

  • Hazy vision
  • Lower contrast sensitivity 
  • Muted colors or colors with a yellowish tint
  • Double or ghosted images
  • Blurred vision
  • Halos
  • Increased light sensitivity 
  • Difficulty driving or seeing at night

Cataracts are part of the aging process but may develop earlier in people with certain lifestyle habits, medical conditions or previous eye injury or surgery. Smoking, diabetes, corticosteroids and excessive sun exposure may cause early cataract formation. 

Untreated cataracts will eventually cause blindness, but the early signs are easily identified during a comprehensive eye exam at Davis Eye Clinic. Our eye doctors can monitor the cataract and discuss treatment options. Some people may choose to have cataract surgery before they experience vision loss to avoid worsening symptoms and enjoy improved eyesight with IOLs. 

How is Cataract Surgery Performed? 

At Davis Eye Clinic, our eye surgeons offer cataract surgery and perform procedures at an accredited outpatient surgical facility for optimal patient safety and successful outcomes. Which starts with two small incisions in the cornea and lens capsule to access the clouded lens. Ultrasound waves break apart the natural lens, making it easier to remove. The chosen intraocular lens implant is folded through the capsule opening and expertly placed to restore clear eyesight and improve refractive errors.

What to Expect After Cataract Surgery? 

Cataract surgery Tuscaloosa

The tiny incisions from cataract surgery heal on their own without stitches. Dr. Davis or Dr. Wilhite, Jr., will prescribe eyedrops to improve healing and avoid infection or other complications. You may experience blurry vision, a gritty sensation in the eye and a watering or bloodshot eye for a few weeks. These side effects are temporary and typically a normal part of recovering after cataract surgery. Many patients report improved vision shortly after cataract surgery, depending on the density of their cataract and chosen IOL.  

Davis Eye Clinic provides detailed recovery instructions to help you follow our eye doctors’ instructions and ensure you heal without issue. Contact our office in Tuscaloosa if you have concerns in the days and weeks after cataract surgery.  If you’re experiencing vision changes or have been diagnosed with a cataract, contact Davis Eye Clinic in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Call our office at (205) 556-9400 or fill out our online contact form.